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Olde Town Commercial Roofing is a part of Olde Town Group and takes up commercial roofing projects. Led by Sean Vogler, they have accomplished many high-profile commercial roofing, siding, and home improvement projects in the MidWest.

Based in Moline (Illinois), the family owned business has roofed many businesses in the area. Professional roofing skills and customer service by Olde Town Commercial Roofing makes them the first choice for many businesses. They are licensed, insured, and bonded for commercial roofing both in Illinois and Iowa and hence are able to serve more customers.

Fast estimates, professional contracts, tear off, timely setup of material and labor, installation, and cleanup are done in an efficient way. Olde Town Commercial Roofing works in a manner that the regular operations of your business are not disrupted. Maximum care is taken to prevent inconvenience to other customers.

Olde Town Commercial Roofing installs top roofing systems such as IKO, CertainTeed, IB Roof Systems, and other products that are cost-effective and provide long term roofing for your business. Call 309-738-5550 for more information about their products and services.

Olde Town Commercial Roofing Contractor

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing is the most challenging for the roofers due to the flat roofs and low slope roofs. Water and debris tend to remain on the commercial roofs due to the less/no slope.

Heavy equipment such as the HVAC, vents, and flashings also must be removed during roof repair and re-roofing. Often upgrading these equipment adds up to the cost of the commercial roofs.

Commercial roofs tend to have sudden transition from the roof and other components of the property such as the siding. Any gaps will lead to further leaks and damage.

Special training, licensing, permits, material, certification, and skills are needed for commercial roofing. Manufacturers recommend only certified roofers to work on commercial roofs.

Olde Town Commercial Roofing Systems

In cold weather areas, Built-Up-Roofing is common for commercial roofs to protect against the heavy snow and ice. Commercial roof buildings also opt for whiteroofing for energy efficiency.

The experts at Olde Town Commercial Roofing can take care of professional installation and maintenance. They can provide comprehensive long term roofing solutions for your property.

They are a certified installers from major manufacturers and can complete the low-slope and flat roofs. Any modern systems such as PVC roofs or solar equipment can be coordinated and installed by Olde Town Commercial Roofing.

Call 309-738-5550 for more information about their commercial roofing products.

Olde Town Group CertainTeed Shingle Master

CertainTeed SELECT Shingle Master Certified

Olde Town Group IKO Certified

IKO Shield Pro Plus Certified

Olde Town Group IB Roof Systems Certified

IB Roof Systems Certified Installer


Commercial roofing for apartments, churches, condos, medical facilities, ice cream stores, gas stations, and so on are completed by Olde Town Commercial Roofing. Given here are some of their accomplished projects.


Apartment Roofing Clinton Iowa

Apartment Roofing Clinton, IA

Apartment Roofing Davenport Iowa

Apartment Roofing Davenport, IA

Apartment Roofing East Moline Illinois

Apartment Roofing East Moline, IL

Apartment Roofing Moline Illinois

Apartment Roofing Moline, IL

Apartment Roofing Carbon Cliff Illinois

Apartment Roofing Carbon Cliff, IL


Church Roofing Davenport Iowa

Church Roofing Davenport, IA

Church Roofing Rock Island Illinois

Church Roofing Rock Island, IL

Church Roofing Moline Illinois

Church Roofing Moline, IL

Church Roofing Camanche Iowa

Church Roofing Camanche, IA


Hotel Roofing Davenport Iowa

Hotel Roofing Davenport, IA


Store Roofing Bettendorf Iowa

Gas Store Roofing Bettendorf, IA

Store Roofing Davenport Iowa

Ice Cream Store Roofing Davenport, IA

Real Estate Roofing Davenport Iowa

Real Estate Store Roofing Davenport, IL

Gas Station Roofing Milan Illinois

Gas Station Roofing Milan, IL

Medical Facilities

Dental Office Roofing Davenport Iowa

Dental Office Roofing Davenport, IA

Veterinary Center Roofing Moline Illinois

Veterinary Center Roofing Moline, IL


Federal Roofing Rock Island Illinois

Federal Roofing Rock Island, IL


Olde Town Commercial Roofing also works on the metal roofs, asbestos roofs, flat roofs, energy star roofs, solar roofs, and so on. Here are some of their roofing services.

  • Roof inspection
  • Roof leaks
  • Roof tear off
  • New roofs
  • Roof vents/flashings
  • Gutter/downspouts
  • Roof Insulation
  • Roof membrane


Contact Olde Town Commercial Roofing with your roofing needs. Call or text for immediate response. Here are some important contact numbers.

Owner: 309-738-5550

Headquarters: 309-517-1676

Davenport, IA: 563-723-9940

Bloomington, IL: 309-831-8463

Iowa City, IA: 319-212-8131

Des Moines, IA: 515-230-5575

Weyauwega, WI: 920-428-2918